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Beagle is a print-focused creative studio based in Oklahoma City.

At Beagle, we focus on the work that lives comfortably in both the space of art and function, efficiency and exploration; the partnership of visual production and written content development.

We have worked with cities, architects, art dealers, florists, publishers, coffee roasters, and bookshops — from Oklahoma City to New York to Norway. While industry and location vary, our primary focus is clientele that believe in design and production funtion as an interaction.

We offer a range of services from print and product design to voice development and content creation.

01. Design

Our focus on the relationships developed around aesthetics has pushed Beagle to produce work that exists comfortably in the space of art and function. Our team has a wide variety of experience ranging from print and tangibles to the digital publishing.

02. Content

The visual element of a brand is partnered with the voice — a written component developed to present clear and consistent messaging across diverse platforms, finding a home in social posting, written collateral, and marketing implementation.

03. Illustration

Our team of illustrators offers up a multitude of unique styles that translate visual messaging through the creative lens. Our illustrative work finds itself useful through editorial illustration, visual identity, and environmental design assistance.


Visual Identity
Voice Development
Book Design
Layout Creation
Labeling Systems
Content Creation
Editorial Design
Editorial Content
Information Architecture


Anonyma Fine Art
Commonworks Architects
Downtown OKC
Short Order Poems
Commonplace Books
The Plant Shoppe
Leaf + Bean
Maison Bleue Lingerie


HB Hoethletr Arkitekts
Penny Candy Books
The Makeup Bar
Capital City Record Club

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