Small Business Summer

Beagle is a small business. Not super small, small enough, but big where it counts (the heart). When we started we had nothing but some business cards and a few dogs, ok fine — five dogs. The point is, starting a business is tough, and while a gaggle of dogs is great for morale, you can’t hand them out at networking events, and they make for a terrible web presence. There are certain tools that you will need to get business started, or even ramp up what you already have.

We understand that money can be tight when you are just starting out. Budgets are a bummer, and even though that bank account may be low, the need for quality design can be especially high when you are in the beginning stages of work.

The Small Business package is designed to get you the bare essentials — the tools needed to launch a brand and begin to grow. The cost is broken up over three months so that you aren’t saddled with the weight right away, allowing for you to set up a solid foundation at your own pace. The end result is a brand that you can be stoked on, and the tools needed to get out there into the market.