Beagle is the collaborative studio of designer — Elizabeth Maxwell and writer — Jordan Hayes. You can reach us at or +1 405 655 8950

Defined Design—Curated Content—Affectionate Alliteration—and the Tightest Butts this side of the Mississippi.


Well, well, well — Look what the internet dragged in. You got a lot of nerve showing up here, asking questions like, "What does Beagle do?" and "how can Beagle help me?" We stayed up all night slaving over a hot website. FOR YOU! And what are we repaid with? Instagram likes? A dope portfolio? International clients, that hold us in high regard? Sure those things are lovely, Jeremy, but we want a relationship. Communication. Meaning. We're more than a simple house design studio. We want to see the world. We want to make something beautiful. Something compelling, based on research, not personal preference.

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We focus on the work that lives comfortably in both the space of art and function, efficiency and exploration; the partnership of visual production and written content development. Our product is tangible. Print. Publishing. Collateral.


Beagle is first and foremost a print studio. Our services reflect that focus.

Editorial Design, Collateral Creation, Book Design, Card Design, Layout Creation, Labeling Systems, Content Creation, Editorial Content, Voice Creations, Information Architecture, Copy


Anonyma Fine Art, Downtown OKC, Short Order Poems, Commonplace Books, Leaf + Bean, The Chickasaw Nation, IN+FORM, Maison Bleue Lingerie, The Yoga Box, Penny Candy Books, Bluestone Labs, Capital City Record Club, Saké Paper Co.

This isn't our mother's design shop. Unless—No. It can't be. Oh my god, Mom? It's been 22 Years. I thought, well we all thought—Actually, it doesn't matter. You're here now. I just—I love you so much. You have to understand we thought you were... gone. Like, forever. Dad remarried. Sharron, she means so much to us. We could never replace you, but we had to go on with our lives. It wouldn't have been right otherwise.

There's so much to talk about.